Constellation work

Olivia has worked and trained for over seven years with Stephen Victor,  from Oregon USA,  who brought Bert Hellinger’s  systemic family constellation work to Cyprus, as well as his own evolving constellations.  This process supplemented and enhanced Olivia’s own work as for many years she had already been reading and utilising  the energy of    ‘The Field ‘  – the fields of energy which connect everyone and everything on this planet.

The constellation process  is an ancient way of working, but in a new form.  It evolved from the shamanic practices of the South African Zulu , as perceived and developed by Bert Hellinger, who was a Catholic missionary and HeadMaster, before he left the priesthood and trained as a psychotherapist in Vienna.

Basically, the method can be used in a group – where the configurement of the people standing ‘in the field’  is akin to a constellation of stars, hence the name ……………     or it can be used for a one to one consultation, accessing  ‘the field’ in a different way.

Hellinger’s systemic constellations were used initially to heal ancestral patterns which were passed down the generations, or entanglements of energy in the family soul which affected current members.  But the work has evolved form there and can also be used to address many other issues, both personal or business.

Olivia offers constellation workshops from time to time and also continues to sponsor the work of Stephen Victor in Cyprus.  Her main passion, though, is one to one sessions for clients and the integration of the constellation work into her other therapies and workshops.